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Open Orbit Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Open Orbit Knowledge Base!

This live knowledge base puts at your fingertips an open encyclopaedia of context-sensitive insights, best practices, diagnostic aids and collaboration opportunities. The knowledge base is built on Wiki technology and is open to users for contribution. “Vizlets” are the basic unit of content, and provide definitions, insights and references for further reading.


“Vizlets” are wiki page that describe the metrics, causes, or solutions. They can also be used for techniques, methods and technologies. They are chained together in a diagnostic framework consisting of symptoms as seen through metrics, which could be due to causes, addressed by solutions, and measured for success through metrics again.


Metrics 'vizlets“ provides with a detailed operational definition of the “Metric”, calculation, unit measures and related metrics. It also give an insight on the possible Causes and logical solutions to counter the problem. The metric “vizlets” also provides information on the tools one should use in diagnosis and solutioning the issue and gives Suggestions and Cautions that one should be wary of. Toward the bottom of the page you will find some useful external links, case studies, white papers and industry benchmarks or standards that might help you enlighten yourself!

Example: Defect


Causes “vizlets” provides with a detailed insight of the “Cause”. It gives an understanding of the areas the “Cause” might impact, what impacts the “Cause” and possible/logical Solutions. The “Cause” section also features the “Detection Symptoms”, “Quantitative Analysis”, the tools to be used. Its enriched with Industry Example, Benchmarks, External Links, Case Studies and Industry best practises that will help in understanding the cause and its impacts.


The “Solutions vizlet” gives an overview of how to implement the Solution to plug gaps. It lists logical “how to steps” and “Success Tests” to test the success of the implemented “Solution”. Also provides examples, Best Practises, Benchmark, Case Studies and external reference links related to the subject.

Feel free to contribute and help us improve!! =) Happy Reading!!

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