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Open Orbit User Guide

Getting started with Diagnostics


Open Orbit is a unique algorithm-based business process improvement tool. It mentors users through an optimised way of solving business improvement problems – proactively recommending the most relevant symptoms, causes, and remedies for the problem - to drastically reduce project duration and cost.

The algorithm guides human judgment to speed up the identification of the best solution. It’s like a GPS for users, helping them get to where they need to be as quickly and reliably as possible. Open Orbit stores the best route so it can be referred to by anyone in the organisation. Unlike any other tool, it builds reusable corporate memory of what works and why, in a way that’s accessible by anyone. It also detects whether multiple users in the organisation have similar problems and connects them to drive collaboration. This user guide has been designed to help you get started with the diagnostics journey on Open Orbit. It is the first of the series of guides that includes how to use the platform to track and manage improvement projects.

Watch an overview video:Open Orbit in under 4 mins

Help available in the following pages:


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